Micro 9


We are humans creating
remarkable digital products
and brands for other humans.

Why Select us, and what expect to get

The size of the project, diversity of a client or the geographical location doesn’t matter. As an integrated marketing agency, we aim to deliver engaging communications that convert into profits for your business.


The number 9 has been meticulously placed as part of our company name since its the number that is regarded in many cultures as a number of perfection and finality. It’s purity and and sacredness is also attested in many religions. This is a constant reminder for us to stand for who we are as Micro 9 Group and what we offer to brands we work with.


Best Practices

Our highly skilled and certified marketing professionals ensure projects are setup meticulously using the industries best practices.

Daily Monitering

We monitor projects on a daily basis to ensure quick response and strategic digital manoeuvres for successful online campaigns.


We obsess over pixels and conduct extensive research to understand and create ergonomic marketing concepts that wont compromise aesthetics.

State of the arts

Our agency uses technology that are awarded as the best in the digital industry and work with partners that are highly regarded for both softwares and hardwares.

360 Degree Suits

We offer a full suite of digital marketing services at our agency for your brand and customise it to suit you accordingly with affordable costs.


where marketing makes a lasting impression

Who We Are?

Micro 9 Group is the complete one stop shop for all your creative needs. Catering for a wide range of elements in the web developement and creative industires, our broadened skills enable us to help you out in one, two or several areas to ensure your bussiness is consistant across the board.

We are a group of web professionals and creative designers, all sharing the same passion for producing high end work in their respective fields. Covering area’s such as Website Development, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Signage, Fine Art, Photography and much more,

One of the Most trusted Elite service provider of singapore